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Durus industry's roots could be traced from its founder and pioneer in soccerball industries in 1889 to the next four generations to present time industry.

Durus, initially started soccer ball manufacturing from vegetable leather which was prestretched and thanned by high technology processes for retention of shape, finally giving it PU pigment finish making the ball scratch proff and water resistant.

Durus made use of factory lace, German flap and rubber sheet having french hole. A variety of bladder include stamp bladder, latex bladders and valves using laser cutting are used.

Durus after hand cut panels uses a mechanical and hydraulic clicking press with ring perforated cutting dies which which ensures accurate stitching resulting in permanently accurate shape of the ball.

Durus produces skilled labour for soccer ball. Factories to stitching centers, totally avoiding child labour thus quality, quantity, replaces controlled labour cost.

Durus has played an important role in the rich soccer ball history ensuring its enviable place in generations to come.

Durus is distinctive in its pattern design, innovation, capability, service capacity and T.Q.C. qualities amoung the 50 ball manufacturing countries of the world.